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Squeeze 2Baby is a safe online training plan for new moms and their babies. It helps you get back fit again by gently, but effectively, strengthening and toning all those muscle groups that are under considerable strain during the pregnancy and the labour. Training the pelvic floor muscles in particular is the key for recovery after the childbirth. That is why the core of the Squeeze 2Baby Training Plan lies on training the pelvic floor muscles.

All pelvic floor and other muscle conditioning exercises are performed together with your baby, allowing you to share a fun hobby together! The training plan is divided into three parts progressing with the age of your baby and the time passed since the labour, ensuring that all the exercises are age appropriate to your baby and support your baby’s motor development, as well as support your safe recovery from the childbirth.

The Squeeze 2Baby Training Plan is based on the Bailamama® method, which has been developed by midwifes and physiotherapists in Finland and was awarded the “Exercise Product of the Year” in Finland in 2015.

The Squeeze 2Baby Training Plan consists of workout videos and additional muscle strengthening exercises supporting your recovery after the labour. It also includes a video tutorial to help you find your pelvic floor muscles and our hugely popular couple training tips. The training plan also includes playtime exercises for your baby to support your baby’s motor development and a midwife’s video guidance to a baby massage. Each workout session lasts 5-20 min, varying by day through the week. Although you will receive clear instructions, the training plan allows you flexibility to choose how to best schedule your individual weekly workout programme.

The Squeeze 2Baby Training Plan is a digital programme. Nothing is shipped. After completing the purchase you will receive an email confirmation with your login details to Bailamama’s membership site. You can start training immediately after purchasing the programme. You will have access to the programme for a year from the date of your purchase.

As with any exercise programme you exercise at your own risk. If you are unsure whether you can for any reason exercise, or your baby can exercise together with you, please consult your medical professional first.

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