After successfully completing your Bailamama® Instructor Training you automatically become a member of the Bailamama Club. The membership is valid for a period of 6 months.

As a Bailamama Club member you have a right to purchase new releases of those Bailamama® programmes you have been trained to teach. 4Venus has quarterly new releases and both 9Months and 2Baby have bi-annual new releases. The price for each new programme release is €90 (+ VAT). If you purchase two new releases (4Venus and 9Months/2Baby) at the same time, the price is €120 (+ VAT). The new release will always include a new digital music soundtrack, teaching videos that you can watch anytime on the Bailamama internet page and choreography notes. You also have a right to participate in our quarterly online workshops to learn new choreography. After ordering a new programme release your Bailamama Club membership is automatically extended by 6 months.

Those certified Bailamama® instructors whose Bailamama Club membership has expired can order a new programme release for a price of is €180 (+VAT). After this their Bailamama Club membership is reinstated and is valid again for 6 months.