Bailamama's Squeeze method is an exciting and motivating way to train pelvic floor muscles and achieve great results benefitting your everyday life. Already thousands of women train regularly with the Squeeze method!

Bailamama started from friendship and desire to motivate women to train pelvic floor muscles effectively in a new and fun way. It was developed by Maija Kiljunen, physiotherapist, and Emilia Ek, midwife, in Finland in 2011, together with a group of other Finnish healthcare and fitness professionals.

Maija is a physiotherapist and has long worked with women suffering from dysfunctions of the pelvic floor muscles and treated patients with musculoskeletal disorders. Emilia is a midwife and has worked at Finland’s largest women’s hospital for several years attending to numerous births.

Although women understand the importance of training pelvic floor muscles, it is often considered dull and left to the motivation of the woman herself. Consequently, too many women just don’t exercise this important muscle group at all.

We want to change this and make pelvic floor muscles training fun, easy to integrate with the busy everyday life and a natural part of your overall exercise programme. We also want to remind all women about the amazing benefits of strong pelvic floor muscles in everyday life but also in women’s sex life. Many women are not aware, for example, that activating pelvic floor muscles during intercourse may also help reach an orgasm.

Although the focus of the Squeeze method is on training the pelvic floor muscles, it also spreads the message of the power of femininity. The Squeeze method helps all women to understand the beauty of their own femininity and encourages them to respect their bodies and to live in the moment.


1) Understanding the importance of pelvic floor muscles to your wellbeing

You will learn to understand why it is important to keep your pelvic floor muscles in a good shape and how they influence your overall wellbeing. This will motivate you to train but also importantly help you recognise the amazing benefits you have reached from your regular pelvic floor training.

2) Learning to find and activate your pelvic floor muscles

It can be challenging to find your pelvic floor muscles and learn to activate them correctly as they are hidden within your bony pelvis. The Squeeze method helps you with this challenge through practical tips & exercises, imagination exercises, and importantly demonstrating the structure of your pelvic floor anatomy in a simple way. You will probably need to train your pelvic floor muscles a few times before you will be able activate and relax the correct muscles but rest assured it will get easier and easier every time with the Squeeze method.

3) Train your pelvic floor muscles speed power, endurance and maximum strength

With the Squeeze method you will train the speed power, endurance and maximum strength of your pelvic floor muscles as these all are needed in everyday situations and together form a basis for strong pelvic floor muscles. Each of these are trained in unique and tested positions (52 positions in total) to maximise the effectiveness of your training. Relaxing pelvic floor muscles is an important part of the Squeeze method and therefore the training includes various exercises tensing and relaxing the muscles.

4) Incorporate breathing to your training to enhance effectiveness

Conscious and effective breathing helps to relax your pelvic floor muscles and is therefore an important element of the Squeeze method. However, the Squeeze method also incorporates different breathing techniques to the exercises to help you activate the correct muscles and to imitate different situations where pelvic floor muscles are needed in everyday life.

5) Integrate pelvic floor training into your overall exercise programme

The Squeeze method shows your how you can integrate pelvic floor training into your overall exercise programme. It can be as easy as remembering to breath and tense the pelvic floor muscles correctly when doing e.g. your abs exercises.

The Squeeze method is designed to help women train their pelvic floor muscles throughout their lives but is further developed to support some special stages in women’s lives. Bailamama's 4Venus exercises are for all women regardless of age or fitness level. The 9Months and 2Baby exercises use the same Squeeze method but are tailored to the special time in women’s lives – pregnancy and recovery from birth.

We understand that women have different preferences as to where, when and how to train pelvic floor muscles. In order to offer a motivating training solution for as many women as possible the Squeeze method can be practiced anywhere and anytime, alone or in a group with other women.

If you prefer to train at the peace of your own home try our 52 week home exercise book for a new exercise for each week of the year, including tips for couples training too! SQUEEZE HOME WORKOUTS are our virtual training programmes consisting of workout videos and day by day instructions for your training programme.

If you enjoy group exercise classes, then our GROUP EXERCISE CLASS are for you. We have two class formats: our 55 minutes classes offer an interval style cardio and full body conditioning workout integrating your pelvic floor training to this fun and easy to learn exercise class instructed by our professional instructors. Alternatively, you can combine our 20 minutes pelvic floor express classes, for example, with your gym weights programme, for a quick and effective training.