Ask for a campaign code for a company

We offer campaign codes for large and medium-sized companies. With a campaign code, you get discount for our campaign products. The campaign is free for companies and creates additional value for employees and / or customers.

The discount depends on many factors and varies from product to product. It is always at least 10 % off our regular price.

If you wish to ask for a campaign code for your company, inform us:
- Name and business registration number of the company
- E-mail address and phone number of the contact person
- Campaign products you would like to have, max 5 products
- Method(s) that you are going to use to inform about the campaign, and evaluation of the number of people it reaches. You can communicate to your staff and/or customers by e-mail, staff magazine, customer magazine, your web pages and/or other similar methods. The broader the information campaign, the better discounts we can offer.

Asking for a campaing code does not bind you to anything. With the code, you will have access to your campaign page, see the campaign prices and be able to start communication if you are happy with the prices.

Ask for a campaign code